So that you can enjoy a variety of delicacies during your lunch break or lunch date, we now offer you our Express Lunch! 

[a]dress Express-Lunch menu

From Monday to Friday between 12 and 14:30 o'clock you can enjoy our weekly changing meals.
In the preparation of our dishes we attach great importance to fresh, local and seasonal food.
For less than 10 € p.p. you can have enough food for the rest of the day.

Choose between Asian bowls, tasty pasta, spicy soups and vegetarian tarte flambée or a quiche.
If you prefer hearty food, you can try the Pulled Chicken Burger.

Water, lemonade or juice can be added for 2,00 € or enjoy a coffee speciality or an espresso.
With the Sodexo coupons you can pay your meal without cash.


Here you can download the Express Lunch Card.