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Event calendar 2019

Have you seen our new event calendar for the first half of the year?


20 Years of Tour de Menu 


Springsalad with strawberryvinaigrette and green aspargus in a parmesan cheese crust 


Sorrel soup with sweet potato croutons


Roast beef on tomato and chard vegetables with ratatouille mash 


Fillet of gilthead with herb crust and saffron foam with spinach and potato snail


Zucchini in crispy parmesan cheese, herb crust on saffron foam with spinach - potato snail and chard tomatoes (veggie) 


Cheesecake with citric salad


Cheese quince strudel with quince mustard 


€32,50 p.P 

€26,50 p.P (veggie) 




Inspiring, colourful and entertaining in the trendy Düsseldorf restaurant

All menus of the [a]dress kitchen and bar Düsseldorf now have a new layout, new prices and new dishes. Take a look for yourself at the new lunch menu, evening menu and drinks menu.

In our trendy restaurant [a]dress kitchen und bar Düsseldorf you will find an experience of enjoyment & design. Our sustainability oriented trend restaurant in Düsseldorf has become even more of a "green" restaurant within a year.


Your trend restaurant in Düsseldorf

At lunchtime, we have the right concept for those in a hurry: the [a]dress TRAGBAR comes quickly to the table here in Düsseldorf with fresh and light dishes. If you are under time pressure, simply take your soup or crunchy salad with you.

Did you bring time with you? Then take a break with a view of the lively Kaiserswerth Fashion Mile at Sandwiches & Co, delicious soups and salads, homemade cakes and aromatic coffees from the Düsseldorf Bazzar roasting house and enjoy yourself in our trendy restaurant in Düsseldorf.

Stylish as a fashion label, the Bar Classics and Signature dishes come along in the evening - fresh, local and delicious! For example, we present the Sauerbraten vom Sals and Hinkels Pumpernickel with a crooked crook like on a catwalk - inspiring, colourful and entertaining.

A new member of our local suppliers is Hof Ligges in Kamen. From there we obtain our potatoes and pumpkins.

Safe and sound into the New Year


Clear tomato essence with basil

small 5 €

large 9.50 €


Spicy coconut chili soup 

 small 4 € 

large 8 €


Sweet potatoes, cooked in foil with oriental, spice yoghurt and winter salad bowle

 9 €


Large veggie bowle with tenderly cooked beetroot, apples, potatoes, mung beans and soy sauce

 Vegetarian style 11.50 €

With chicken breast stripes 14 €



Low Carb Veggie Bowle with mediterranean vegetables and mushrooms

 Vegetarian style 11.50 €

With chicken breast stripes 14 €