Dinner out in Düsseldorf: Status as of 07.09.2021:

Currently we are still in preparation for a reopening of the restaurant in the Hotel Indigo Düsseldorf. We hope to welcome you again very soon in our À la carte restaurant.

We offer our local and seasonal breakfast again as usual.  

Drinks are gladly served at the bar. You can consume them in our lounge area or in your room.

Our reception team has recommendations for food and delivery options in the neighborhood. 

The regulations for the hotel and restaurant industry change weekly. Please be assured that we will do everything possible to provide you with a safe and impeccable service.

In order to do justice to this, we limit the offer in the restaurant at short notice.

garden patio
Carpaccio Restaurant Essen

[a]dress kitchen & bar

Would you like to get an impression of our food offer? We hope to prepare these delicious dishes for you again soon. Take a look here at our menu.

In our trendy restaurant [a]dress kitchen und bar Düsseldorf you will find an experience of enjoyment & design. Our sustainability oriented trend restaurant in Düsseldorf has become even more of a "green" restaurant within a year.


Inspiring, colourful and entertaining in the trendy Düsseldorf restaurant

At lunchtime, we have the right concept for those in a hurry: the [a]dress TRAGBAR comes quickly to the table here in Düsseldorf with fresh and light dishes. If you are under time pressure, simply take your soup or crunchy salad with you.

Did you bring time with you? Then take a break with a view of the lively Kaiserswerth Fashion Mile at Sandwiches & Co, delicious soups and salads, homemade cakes and aromatic coffees from the Düsseldorf Bazzar roasting house and enjoy yourself in our trendy restaurant in Düsseldorf.

Stylish like a fashion label we prepare the bar classics and new dishes for you in the evening - fresh, local and delicious!

A new member of our local suppliers is Hof Ligges in Kamen. From there we obtain our potatoes and pumpkins.

We are looking forward to your visit in our trendy restaurant [a]dress kitchen und bar in Düsseldorf.