Woman 60s room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf
60s room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf

Wild & free: Hotel room in 60s design

The "Wild Sixties" - social and political upheaval, Joseph Beuys puts the Düsseldorf Art Academy in a state of emergency. What counts is freedom - unusual shapes, large patterns and boyish silhouettes characterize this age of fashion. The perfect complement to the legendary miniskirt was the coloured and patterned tights - ladylike elegance was yesterday!

The first man landed on the moon and the French fashion designer André Courrèges gave the fashion to do so. In the futuristic space look the pants comes to their final victory and captured timeless style icons as Brigitte Bardot and Jacqueline Kennedy - Twiggy and of course, the super-slim model with long lashes.

Would you like a room with a 60s design? When booking your hotel room, you are welcome to indicate this wish. Depending on availability, we can provide you with the room during your stay at Hotel Indigo.