Woman 80s room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf
80s room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf

Popper, Punker & Understatement: 80s Hotel

The Decade of Popper, yuppies, punks, hip hoppers and individualists. Broad shoulders and a clear silhouette determine the style. Influenced by TV series such as Dallas and Miami Vice the women wear leggings, tops and blouses or jackets with XXL shoulder pads, tight skirts with a narrow waist. The Bohème settles with deliberate understatement by this trend.

Issey Miyake, Calvin Klein and Donna Karan are the purist fashion icons of all artists and advertisers. The youth falls into Popper, yuppies, and punks. In Dusseldorf, they all meet in the legendary punk club "Ratinger Hof". Also the musicians of the famous band Kraftwerk did dance there.

No environment for Claudia Schiffer - She was discovered as a teenager in a nightclub on Düsseldorf`s Königsallee, from this moment on her meteoric career started and she became the  German face on the catwalks of the world.

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