Woman 90s room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf
90er Jahre Hotelzimmer Indigo Düsseldorf

90s design: Bling Bling & Grunge

The stock market boom of the 90s set the fashion in a gold rush,too. Sparkles and glitter everywhere. Enough is not enough in this decade. Designers such as Christian Lacroix and Thierry Muggler are the stars of the moment. The transferability of the often stunning models is no longer in the foreground. Fashion shows will be dazzling staging and shrill happenings. The lushness of haute couture rubs off on the Prêt-à-Porter - overdressed at this time is not necessarily a cuss.

As a counterpoint to the hedonistic Bling Bling the grunge is invented with his well-calculated second-hand look. Kate Moss is the model of the moment. In Dusseldorf,the rise of the fashion showrooms starting at the Kaiserswertherstrasse. Nowadays thousands of fashion buyers view and buy their collections of over 3,000 brands in more than 1,000 showrooms.

Dusseldorf dresses the world ...90s feeling can be found in the Hotel Indigo. Depending on availability, we will gladly provide you with one of our rooms in 90s design. Please indicate your wish when booking your hotel room.