Woman millenium room Indigo Hotel Duesseldorf
Millenium Room Indigo Hotel Dusseldorf

Variety & Individuality: Hotel rooms in Millennium Design

The stock market crash helps to a great deal of self-irony. Old iron fashion rules are now finally broken - you wear green to blue. Individuality is now the only constant that is demanded in fashion. Even with  a dash of irony. Jean Paul Gaultier, John Galliano and Alexander McQueen are the uncrowned kings of the catwalk. Androgyny and metro sexuality are strong in the fashion branch. Nude look, military look, sequins, sexiness ...

You wear whatever you like, if it pleases you, interpreted and resample the main thing is it has to be  a statement of  your personality. Fashion blogs and style scouts come up, spread the street looks rapidly. The Internet becomes a global fashion designer.

Would you like to stay in a Millennium Room? When booking your hotel room, please indicate your design wishes. We will provide you with the room according to availability.